Welcome to the Generet call 2019

 Schedule of the call

  • Opening of the call: 4th February 2019
  • Deadline of the call: 15th April 2019
  • Rebuttal: 5th August 201916th August 2019
  • Jury meeting: 4th November 2019
  • Award ceremony: December 2019
  • Start of the Award: January 2020

 Philosophy Of The Fund Generet

To support research on rare diseases to better understand the processes (causes and mechanisms) underpinning rare diseases and translating fundamental discoveries into better prevention, diagnosis or treatment for patients.

 Goals Of The Call

To support a top researcher in Belgium with outstanding scientific achievements who has already developed or is willing to develop a research line in rare diseases.

Rare diseases are considered to be life threatening or chronic conditions which affect no more than 1 person out of 2.000.

For this call, rare cancers and rare adverse drug events will not be taken into account.

 Description Of The Award

The Award amounts to 1.000.000 € over 4 years. However, a first instalment of 500.000 € will be credited for 2 years and a second instalment of 500.000 € will be subjected to a positive evaluation through a mid-term scientific, financial and communication report.

Eligible expenses encompass personnel costs, running costs and equipment.

Portability of the Award: The holder could keep the benefit of the Award if he/she transfers his/her research activities to another eligible Belgian institution. The Award cannot follow the holder if he/she transfers his/her research activity to a private company or abroad.

Up to 30% of the Grant’s amount could be outsourced for supporting international expenses (personnel costs and running costs).

 Project Selection

The selection process will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards of quality, impartiality and transparency.

It will consist of a two-step evaluation procedure with a rebuttal phase.